Nepal Engineering College (nec) promoted the Nepal Transportation and Development Research Centre (NTDRC) to facilitate national development through conducting various types of transport and development related research and training programmes. NTDRC has become an independent non-profit organization since 2011. However, having common objectives and our mutual commitment, nec and NTDRC, will continue working together.


Our comparative advantages 
  1. Holistic and integrated approach in transport development in conjunction with other sectors.
  2. Backed by nec’s huge human, technical and financial resources. There are over 100 proven academicians in the field of civil engineering, architecture, electronic and computer engineering.
  3. Proven professionals with a long history of working with multilateral, bilateral government and academic institutions. All of them are highly conversant with the political economy, technology and social factors that influence on transportation and development. 
  4. Robust national and international networks with various organizations and individual professionals.